Controlling the Altitude Dynamics of Quadcopter using Robust Output Feedback Controller

  • Bushra Shaikh
  • A. Nighat
  • B. S. Chowdhry


This paper deals with observer based controlling and stabilization of the nonlinear dynamics of the quadcopter and in order to explore the complex dynamics of the quadcopter, the only altitude of the quadcopter is considered. A nonlinear model of the altitude is extracted from the six DOF model of the quadcopter and the same is linearized. A robust controller is implemented in the design to cater to the nonlinear nature of the quadcopter at hover by using both Sliding mode control and model predictive controller. The soft instrument, observer, is designed here for the state estimation purpose to bring the simulated system more closely to realistic values. Effectiveness of the designed system is ensured by trajectory tracking of the quadcopter. Simulation results presented show that output feedback based controller designed having optimum performance in estimating the states of the targeted system with almost negligible error. Also, the nonlinear controller designed having superior performance as compared to a controller designed with the linearized system.