Decentralized Approach to Secure IoT based Networks using Blockchain Technology

  • Urooj Waheed
  • M. Sadiq Ali Khan
  • Samia Masood Awan
  • M. Ahsan Khan
  • Yusra Mansoor


Emerging Technologies of Fourth Industrial Revolution such as Internet of Things has the potential to change the way we are living today and interact with information systems and devices. From a small device like a simple glucose monitor of healthcare sector to Autonomous cars from transportation industry, IoT plays a vital role in connected information, human interaction and data. At the same instance, IoT deals with personalized human and quite important data from various types of devices, a small loophole can be a reason to bring disastrous impact on human lives, a minor vulnerability in IoT networks may challenge the
complete cycle of IoT network. It may generate calamity type of event, not only in information systems but also on the physical human lives as well, because of a single point of failure as IoT based networks usually deployed on centralized systems. In this paper, we are proposing a decentralized approach to remove single point of failure with the help of new layer of security based on Blockchain technology as advancement in securing IoT networks.