Implementation & Performance Analysis of Bidirectional FSO channel in Hybrid TDM/WDM Gigabit Passive Optical Network

  • Kehkashan A. Memon
  • A.W. Umrani
  • M.A. Unar
  • Wajiha Shah


In this paper, experimental work is performed on hybrid TDM/WDM Gigabit Passive Optical Network by replacing the last mile optical fiber with Free Space Optical channel. A Hybrid GPON system is a more intelligent choice of today’s passive optical networks because it provides benefits of both TDM as well as WDM technologies at Giga b/s. And the use of Free Space Optical channel will bring the last mile network to its peak performance. This paper demonstrates the performance of hybrid TDM/WDM GPON system utilizing FSO channel in terms of Quality of factor and Bit error rate along with eye diagrams. This system is a full bidirectional system working on 2.5Gb/s downstream and 1.244Gb/s upstream transmission. The system is using varying lengths of FSO channel to analyze the GPON network performance. The simulation results using Optisystem v.15 verify the fully functional bidirectional transmission of FSO link between OLT and ONU and achieve BER of the order of 10–16 and 10–12 at a distance of 100 m for both upstream and downstream respectively.