An economical and relatively efficient implementation of the Real–Time Solar Tracking System

  • Sabir Ali Kalhoro
  • Sayed Hyder Abbas Musvi
  • Sikandar Ali
  • Saadullah Rahoojo
  • Asim Nawaz


The bi–facial solar system which is available in the commercial markets having avariety of advantages and efficiency but they are too much costly. Therefore there is a dire need to design a low price solar system that overcomes the increasing energy demand. In this research, we have designed a system which reflects the bi–facial model with an economical prize for the developing nations. However, the efficiency of the proposed solar system was checked on a sunny day and its observation was closely related to the real–time bi–facial solar system. The prototype has been designed by combining the two equal watts solar penal having anti–parallel alignment with each other. The rear penal of the design system is supported by concentrator for strengthening the efficiency of the scattered irradiation. The scattered irradiation generates extra energy due to the design structure of the proposed system. The voltage of the system is conjoint increases slightly as the timely increasing irradiation strength. The power of the designed system increases with the increasing voltage proportional relationship with the current. The design system verifies the voltage, current and power measurement from all location of the calculation.