Load status evaluation for Load Balancing in Distributed Database Servers

  • Dildar Husain Dildar Husain School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. Telangana (India)
  • Mohammad Omar
  • Khaleel Ahmad
  • Vishal Jain
  • Ritika Wason


Distributed database servers are very popular because it provides data availability, reliability, replication, partition for homogeneous/heterogeneous software and hardware. In this paper, we present the introduction of load balancing in the database server with related works. The authors propose an algorithm which through how a controller distributes the jobs which arrives at the database servers in different node partitions as well as propose a methodology for load status evaluation of database servers for balancing the load on it by generating the status of the load with the help of some important parameters. The generation of load status of database servers by using three parts such as a processor, RAM and bandwidth and on this basis to calculate the status of the load on the database servers. On the basis of load status, the clients/users’ requests can be sent on another database in a distributed environment to balance the load.