Modification in Hill Cipher for Cryptographic Application

  • Farheen Qazi
  • Fozia Hanif Khan
  • Dur–e–Shawar Agha
  • Sadiq Ali Khan
  • Saqib ur Rehman


To keep the information, secure from various contenders is an important factor for data security. For any organization, it is an incredibly important feature to timely transmit secured data. Optimized techniques for key management and protected encryption algorithms are always helpful for reducing the overhead of the system and maintain the integrity, authentication and confidentiality of data. Cryptographic applications play an important role in our daily lives through sending emails, exchanging bank account transaction information, through mobile communication and through ATM card transaction. To secure our information from unauthorized users, Hill Cipher is one of the most well-known symmetric cryptosystems. For Hill Cipher, here we are proposed an algorithm for encryption and decryption which is based upon the transposition, substitution and left-right shift.