A review on antecedents of citizen's trust in government social media services

  • Sohrab Khan
  • Nor Zairah Ab. Rahim
  • Nurazean Maarop


In recent years, social media has been accepted as a practice of e-government services across the world. Unlike static government websites, social media is an interactive communication platform that helps government organizations to improve their relationship with citizens through participation and engagement. However potential values of social media cannot be displayed without addressing citizen’s acceptance and their trust to participate in government social media services. Majority of previous studies on the relationship of trust between government and public are conducted on static government websites using general technological characteristics. This paper provides a comprehensive literature review of the relevant articles to explore multiple antecedents or factors of citizen’s trust with a major consideration in using social media as a technology platform for e-government services. A model is proposed that identifies individual characteristics, government factors, risk factors and social media characteristics as multiple antecedents of citizen’s trust in government social media services.