Effecting factors of knowledge integration through social media in small medium enterprises environment

  • Nur Ilyana Ismarau Tajuddin
  • Rusli Abdulllah
  • Marzanah A. Jabar
  • Yusmadi Yah Jusoh


Knowledge Integration (KI) has been significant concern in analyzing the organization performance. KI also has been challenged by the emergence and continued development technologies that have made new sources of information and knowledge available to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Social media are widely adopted by organizations to enhance the effectiveness of KI practices. The purpose of this study to investigate the factors that influence of KI through social media. Based on the 11 selected papers, this review has established 12 factors that may influence of knowledge integration through social media. Hence, this research contribute to the practice and research of KI and social media and its effectiveness towards the organizational performance.