Auto Spruce Trial System (ASTS)

  • Huma Hassan Rizvi
  • Sana Sana
  • Sadiq Ali khan
  • Muhammad Khurrum
  • Khalique Ahmed


Auto Spruce Trial System (ASTS) is designed to provide a platform in which children’s intelligence and cognitive behavior are tested through Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC). This test is used for a children assessment and find out their abilities learning and disabilities, as well as a clinical device. ASTS system is an automated testing system which conducts the children test and generates their intelligence result automatically. We automate the system as mentioned above in Pakistan which is taken manually and consumes a lot of time. It does not really matter how much intelligence one has, what makes a difference is the manner by which well one uses his/her intelligence. This test is applicable for those children’s whose parents are worried about their mental health’s issues and their learning potential. An intelligence test can encourage guardians and instructors make judgments around an individual child’s educational course, standard, or in need of special education.