On convergence of iterative method for determination of weibull parameters by maximum likelihood method

  • Fida Hussain Khoso
  • Gasim Alandjan
  • Altaf Hussain Bouk
  • Sayed Hyder Abbas Musavi


The Weibull distribution is frequently used for the assessment of wind energy potential and modeling of wind speed data. The parameters of Weibull distribution are determined by a number of methods; Maximum Likelihood Methods is one of them. The values of scale and shape parameters of Weibull distribution are found by the help of Maximum Likelihood function. Two different techniques are used to find the parameters. One is known as iterative method, in which a start value of ‘k’ is set and iterations are terminated when given criterion is reached. The second method is Newton Raphson method of finding roots. We report here a problem of non-convergence of iterative method. We suggest the Newton Raphson method as the best choice for finding the value of ‘k’ through Maximum Likelihood Method.